Zig Zag Sewing on TV – Newcastle Sewing Machines Shop

Zig Zag Sewing Georgetown Newcastle Sewing Machines Sales and Service Patchwork Quilting Shop NSW

Sally from Zig Zag Sewing (Newcastle Sewing Machines Shop) on TV talking about Pfaff Ambition Sewing Machines http://youtu.be/IDKwsR1r8_I   … [Read more...]

Economizing your stabilizer

Zig Zag Sewing - Newcastle Patchwork Quilting Shop

To economise on Wet N Gone, cut a sheet of Stitch N Wash [or some other less expensive stabilizer] big enough to fit whichever size hoop you plan to use. [I stitched a 'basting frame' design the size of my embroiderable area as a guide.] Cut a 'window' in that sheet large enough for your design … [Read more...]

Bead the Back of the Button

Zig Zag Sewing Georgetown Newcastle Patchwork Quilting Shop New South Wales

When a jacket is made to be worn open, so you will see the facing and the stitches securing the button, why not pretty up the sight by attaching a matching or contrasting bead on the back of the button-stitches. Sew your buttons in place as normal, but on the last two passes of the needle, attach … [Read more...]

Using Your Buttons

Zig Zag Sewing - Newcastle Patchwork Quilting Shop - Using Your Buttons

With all the rage for fabric bags and re-fashioned shopping bags, why not add 4 sturdy buttons to the bottom of the bags to keep them off the ground and keep them looking nice for a lot longer!' … [Read more...]